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HUALONG 1500tons (15,000kN,15MN) Machine Successfully Installed

Source:MarketingAuthor:BensonTime:2016-04-04 14:48:46Click: Views

A new YJW Series 1500tons (15,000kN,15MN) Elastomeric Bearing Testing Machine was Successfully Installed in Southern China, it is the 2th 1500tons capacity machine installed in 2016, at the same time, HUALONG new 10,000tons (100,000kN,100MN) Elastomeric Bearing Testing Machine is under production.

HUALONG YJW Series Elastomeric Bearing Testing Machine is specially designed to apply compressive (Axial) and shearing (Lateral) force to rubber bearings to check the mechanical performance of bridge bearing under real working conditions, HUALONG is the only manufacturer in China who is capable also successfully built such machine over 2000tons capacity, besides, HUALONG supplied 80% Elastomeric Bearing Testing Machine in Chinese market

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