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Tube Flattening Testing Machine
Tube Ring Flattening Testing Machine
Tube Ring Flattening Testing Machine

Tube Ring Flattening Testing Machine



HUALONG YAW-C Series Tube Ring Flattening Testing Machine is specially designed to perform compression test on tube ring which is cut from the end of the metallic tube, the flatting test is used to check if the cracks or breaks happen in welded area on tube when the tube ring is under specified compression conditions.

•Top mounted cylinder to allows the machine has suitable operation height.
•Lower platen with specimen feeding carriage.
•Constant speed loading is available.
•All operations are done on software.
•Specially designed software for flattening testing of tube ring. 

Main technical specifications:
Load capacity:3000kN
Measuring range: 2%-100%
Load resolution: 1/300000(No-range switching and keeping unchanged)
Load measurement accuracy: ≤±1%
Frame structure: Double-acting and upsetting cylinder, four-columns structure
Displacement measurements accuracy: ≤±0.5%              
Ram stroke: upon request   
Maximum loading speed: 300mm/min               
Specimen centralizing method: automatic
Power resource: 400 Volts, Three Phase, 50 Hertz,230 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hertz
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