Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

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Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine
Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine (Hydraulic)
Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine (Hydraulic)

Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine (Hydraulic)




HUALONG WLW Series Horizontal tensile testing machine is designed specifically for wire, rope, chain, shackle and cable testing, these test frames use a horizontal test opening to accommodate long specimens and high elongation demands.  These test frames are powered by hydraulics for high strength testing and can be customized in length to meet a variety of application requirements as well as the grips can be modified to accommodate different shaped specimens and alternate grips can be provided for customers to interchange as and when their test requirements change. PC-based machine control software provided with the machine is upgraded to include data acquisition and data analysis.



•Full length specimens; sling construction; high capacity specimens.

•Frames, fixtures and strain measurement devices can be designed & manufactured to accommodate many types of products that require tensile tests.

•A facilitate motor driven Interchangeable & Adjustable carriage is provided supported on free moving rollers for easy position of the carriage appropriate to the nominal test specimen length.

•Large effective bed clearance enables testing of a wide range of specimens.

•Reverse cylinder loading design provides easy and precise calibration the whole system rather than independent load cell. Piston head and cylinder ends fitted with low friction seals.

•Various models: Max .Capacity up to 1000 tones.

•Loading accuracy well within + 1%.

•Guard options ensure operator safety.

•Custom systems available to meet unique requirements.


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