Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine

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Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine
Stress Relaxation Testing Machine
Stress Relaxation Testing Machine

Stress Relaxation Testing Machine


WSC 200~500


HUALONG WSC Series is used to determine stress-relaxation of metal, such as pre-stressed concrete strand, pre-stressed concrete bar, steel rope and so on., the specimen is deformed a given amount and decrease in stress is recorded over prolonged period of exposure at constant elevated temperature.



•Automatic draw the real time curve of residual stress versus time, temperature versus time and relaxation rate versus time.

•Automatic calculate 1000 hours stress relaxation rate of the specimen. The calculation method has double logarithm option and single logarithm option and calculating data has entire data option and data at certain time option.

•High precision temperature recorder attached to record the influence of room temperature variations in the force curve.

•Servo-controlled drive system ensures the high precision load/displacement close-loop control, besides, it has a very low noise during the whole test.

•Loading speed could be set arbitrarily.

•Constant load and constant displacement control could be selected.

•Automatically calculate stress relaxation properties of the specimen and print complete test diagram.

•Realize digital calibration of load quickly and accurately, and has over-load protection function.

•The coordinate of the curves can be automatically adjusted. When the test begins, the system will automatically adjust the coordinate value. During the whole test process, the curves remain complete. The test requirements can be automatically stored, derive and reset.

•Data acquisition: After the test the data can be acquired on the test curves through mouse pointer.

•Optional patent calibration system is mounted on machine to calibrate not only the load cell but also the whole system without disassembly the load cell from machine.

•Optional dual strain gauge could be introduced into machine for constant strain rate constraint.

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