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Torsion Testing Machine
Steel Wire Simple Torsion Testing Machine
Steel Wire Simple Torsion Testing Machine

Steel Wire Simple Torsion Testing Machine


SXN 3~12

SXN Series Steel wire simple torsion testing machine is specially designed to determine the ability of metallic wire of diameter or characteristic dimension 0.1 mm to 10 mm inclusive to undergo plastic deformation during simple torsion in one direction.
It can test wire rod as large as 12mm diameter and it is offered with an axial preload assembly that allows for a constant tensile load to be applied to the specimen. This set-up prevents the specimen from overlaying on itself during twisting. These torsion testing systems also include a standard interlocked test enclosure for extra safety.

•Dual linear slide design provides high-rotational stiffness and low-axial friction.

•Adjustable crosshead locking system allows crosshead to be free-floating or fixed during testing.

•Interlocked test space enclosure enhances operator safety.

•Replaceable clamping blocks to accommodate steel wire in different diameters.

•Digital control electronics allow for accurate and repeatable test. results and fast control response

•Preload assembly applies a constant tensile or compressive load during test.

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