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Automatic Drop Weight Impact tester
Drop Weight Tear Tester (Automatic Specimen Feeding System)
Drop Weight Tear Tester (Automatic Specimen Feeding System)

Drop Weight Tear Tester (Automatic Specimen Feeding System)


WCJ 20000~100000


HUALONG WCJ Series is mainly used for drop weight tear test (DWTT) of Ferritic Steels, to observe specimen fracture surface after impact within the temperature that fracture type is converted from non-ductility to ductility. This test method is that hammer striker with some weights is raised to some height then released. Free drop hammer impacts and tears the specimen. After impact, proportions of ductile fracture (shear) and cleavage on the fracture surfaces are measured.

Impactek data acquisition system is available to be introduced into DWTT tester, through which can upgrade simple uninstrumented DWTT tester to an instrumented DWTT tester who is able to measure the amount of force required to break a specimen, and this enables calculation of separate values for initiation energy and propagation energy, those impact resistance information gathered by doing instrumented testing can be used by Research and Development to evaluate the effects of metallurgical variables such as composition, processing, heat treatment can have on the fracture resistance of new or existing materials. Test results may also be used to indicate particular steel’s suitability for use in a specific application.


•Regulating impact energy by adjusting the lifting height and mass of the weights.

•Very robust construction stands up to the rigors of high energy testing to provide high reliability with a minimum of downtime.

•The buffer is equipped to absorb the residual energy after breaking the specimen to protect the weight and anvil from destroying. Also install the safe outfit, such as safety net, safe pin for maintenance and hanger locking.

•Easily interchangeable contact parts simplify maintenance and reduce cost of ownership.

•State-of-the-art testing accommodates impact energies up to 100,000J and specimens up to 50mm thick.

•Automated specimen loading provides compliance with cycle times required by test methods, while maintaining operator safety.

•Very rigid base and anvils ensures very low flexure under high test loads.

•Guided mass system to ensure that the impact geometry is correct throughout the entire test.

•Equipped with the specimen-carrying outfit, anti-falling of outfit for the specimen, centering outfit to guarantee quick, accurate and reliable tests.

•High quality, easy to use control software ensures consistency and enhances throughput.

•Ergonomically designed, no requirement for the operator to work at elevated heights or handle excessive physical loads.

•Optional liquid low temperature chamber.

•Optional automatic specimen feeding system.

•Optional Impact data acquisition system.

•Responsive life-time technical support.


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